Open the Amazon application on your TV. Sign in with your recently made Amazon Prime record. There will be a 6 letter code on your TV screen. Enter the code appeared on the TV screen in the Prime Activation window on your PC.

Download and install the Amazon Prime app.

1. Go to
2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
3. Enter the amazon activation code on your Smart TV screen and then click “Continue”.
4. Your Smart TV will display a successful message once the activation code confirms to be valid.
5. You will then be able to explore Amazon prime contents on your Smart TV.

How to register with Amazon TV?

Follow the given procedure to register with amazon prime and enjoy unlimited benefits and streaming channels:

1. To sign up go to,
2. Click on, ‘Amazon’ logo, and you will be redirected to the main page.
3. You will get the sign-in button, and under that part, ‘New customer? Start here’.
4. Click on the given new customer or sign up option
5. You will then be taken to the registration page. Provide the required details.
6. Click on the create account button to add your Amazon account.

Activate Amazon Prime on TV through

The following steps will let you activate amazon prime on your smart tv easily. Follow them step-by-step :

1. Go to your Smart TV app store.
2. Search for “Amazon Prime” app.
3. Add it to your “Channel”.
4. Open the Amazon Prime app.
5. Click on “Register on the Amazon Website”.
6. Take note of the Amazon Prime verification code on the screen.
7. Go to on your computer.
8. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
9. Enter the “Activation code” on your TV screen.
10. Click on “Register Device”.